My shapes and forms are organic, my colors bright and saturated. I never sketch in pencil. My paintings must start with a permanent and spontaneous layer - a dark stain or inky black brush strokes that set deeply in to my paper. I want the first step, the first marks to influence the layers that follow. Once started, there is no going back. It is my job as the painter to move forward and through further applications of paint, to resolve forms and find meaning in the act of painting and thinking.  

I paint, but more broadly I am a maker. My thinking, my happiness, my life finds wholeness in the act of creating. Recently, I have been building my skills as a glass blower. Working with the molten glass is like painting in three dimensions. The glass is constantly in a state of flow and freeze, all at over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. I enjoy making jars because they have a use that is only found when they have an owner. Partially a collaboration, the work is completed when it is filled. My Jars and paintings are for sale in my online shop. 


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